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There’s only one advertiser in rural Nepal

The Dabur Foods Company owns rural Nepal. The tiny towns that dot the Annapurna Circuit are relatively untouched by modern commercialism and marketing, with one exception: Real Fruit Juice ads. The the yellow logo of the Real Fruit brand is plastered EVERYWHERE along the Jomsom Trek portion of the Annapurna. (Otherwise, there isn’t a billboard […]

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I undress myself and prohibit it.

This was on the deck of a ferry in Okinawa. I guess they had problems with people stripping on the boat? Or something?

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Japanese Signage Overkill

The amount of unnecessary signage in Japan is a constant source of amusement for me. And in the new Osaka train station, I came across a stunning example.

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Things you can’t do in Japan

Japan has a lot of rules, and there are signs like this posted everywhere. I don’t know what half of these pictures even mean, but I have some guesses (from left to right, top to bottom): 1. No smoking. 2. No black dogs with white ears. 3. No calculating of the air speed velocity of […]

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I’m guessing there are falling rocks here.

The Japanese are very thorough people, especially when it comes to signs. That’s why the put SEVEN (count ’em, SEVEN!) signs warning of “Falling Rocks” within twenty feet of each other on this slope on the way down from Mt. Fuji. This, of course, is just a small selection of the hundreds of warning signs […]

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