The amount of unnecessary signage in Japan is a constant source of amusement for me. And in the new Osaka train station, I came across a stunning example.

Someone decided that in addition to the giant “Lavatory” sign above the entrance (written in Japanese, English and icon-form), that we also needed:

1. A map of the hallway leading to the two (clearly-marked) bathrooms.
2. A second map showing the relationship of the men’s bathroom to the women’s bathroom, and how to find the doors to each of them.
3. A third map of the individual bathrooms in case you get lost once and can’t find the sinks or the bathroom stalls.




Additionally, there was an Information Booth about thirty feet away, where they would be glad to point out how to get to the bathroom (and also provide you with a complimentary paper map of the premises).

Oh, Japan. You’re so cute and helpful all the time!