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The Olympic Theme Song: “Beijing Welcomes You”

Beijing’s got a soundtrack right now, and boy is it catchy! The Olympics may have the most upbeat, cheesy and sickeningly happy collection of songs ever recorded. And everywhere you go in Beijing right now, you’ll hear them, played ad-infinitum. Every store, every train station, every TV station, and every cell phone ring tone…it’s inescapable. […]

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Defeating censorship one piece of tape at a time

The other day, I read an interesting article on TechDirt — Covering Up Any Brand In Beijing That Hasn’t Paid To Sponsor The Olympics. Turns out that the “Olympic logo police workers are tasked with vigilantly going around all facilities and putting masking tape over the logos for any product where the company is not […]

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Empty Seats at the Olympics

The official line from the Olympic organizers is that all Olympic tickets are SOLD OUT, but that certainly doesn’t mean every seat is filled. Here is the row of seats behind me at the BMX Cycling event I attended today: The number of empty seats is painful, especially when the demand is so strong. I […]

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Working the Olympics Ticket Scalpers

I arrived in Beijing at the Olympics on Sunday, exactly one week before the end of the games, with no tickets, and not much of a clue on how to get them. But it didn’t take more than a few minutes on the streets to figure out where to buy tickets — albeit at ridiculously […]

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