China’s got the most diverse array of food in the world, and the Donghuamen Night Market in the heart of Beijing is the largest street food market I’ve ever seen. It took me 12 minutes to walk from one end to the other! Here you can find treats here like fried scorpions, snakes, ostrich heads and pig penises. Check it out:

Truth be told, the Donghuamen Night Market has become a big tourist attraction, so the prices have been jacked up significantly from what you’ll find in street food markets catering to locals. All the merchants have joined forces into one long stand, most of them speak at least rudimentary English, and they all wear matching uniforms. Plus, they’ve removed certain foods from the menu — dog, for instance — to keep all the western tourists happy.

Still, it’s quite a site to behold. I tried a fried scorpion and one of those fizzing, bubbling drinks. Not bad!