Interesting fact about the world’s most popular soft drink…


Coca-Cola is pronounced ‘ke kou ke le’ in Chinese, which coincidentally translates into “Delicious Happiness.”

Where it came from: In the 1920s, Coke created the four Chinese characters that, when combined, approximated the English sound of “Coca-Cola.” As the official Mandarin-language Coca-Cola logo gained visibility, local citizens put together the first two Chinese characters in the logo to form an expression meaning “delicious” and combined the last two characters for “happiness.” The name Coca-Cola throughout China became recognized as “delicious happiness.”

For the Beijing Olympics, Coke has done a worldwide marketing campaign with special “Delicious Happiness” cans, bottles, posters and billboards. Anyway, I just drank a can of Delicious Happiness here in Hong Kong, and I thought I’d share it with you!