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Taiwanese Bug Safari

Taiwan is swarming with locusts right now, and somebody has to catch them. I went for a walk this morning in Taitung, and stumbled into the Lishu Recreational Area, a little park with the Shinto “Longfong Tower” and a nature walk called the “Liyushan Trail.” The sky was black with locusts buzzing everywhere, and I […]

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Engrish T-Shirts in Japan

Although all Japanese people spend years studying English in school, that doesn’t mean they understand it one bit. Sure, they have rather extensive vocabularies (most of the people I’ve met here know the English words for every fruit from peach to pomegranite) — but Japanese people can’t string together a grammatical English sentence to save […]

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Sometimes I get bored…

Sometimes I get bored when I spend the day on tropical islands in the Pacific…

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Japanese Signage Overkill

The amount of unnecessary signage in Japan is a constant source of amusement for me. And in the new Osaka train station, I came across a stunning example.

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What I Brought to Hitchhike Around The World

From my understanding, this is what a typical chap brings when he goes hitchhiking: Bindle. Pack of Smokes and/or large block of chewin’ tobacky. Harmonica. Can of beans. Knife. Anything beyond that is probably unnecessary. Then again, we’re traveling around the world for months, to first world and developing nations. We’ll be staying anywhere from […]

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